Malware Removal from Websites

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Challenge :

A client approached us in a state of panic, revealing that all 42 of their websites had fallen victim to a malicious hacking attack. The situation was dire, with not only website content compromised but also the core files of WordPress itself. It was evident that a swift and effective response was needed.

Solutions :

Given the urgency of the situation, we presented two viable options to the client. The first was to redevelop each website from scratch, ensuring a clean slate. The second option was to restore from backups, though this would be subject to time constraints. The client, eager to regain control as quickly as possible, opted for the latter.

Execution :

With a tight 72-hour timeframe, our dedicated team of three sprang into action. Here are the key steps we took to resolve the crisis:

    • Security Assessment : We conducted a comprehensive security assessment to identify the extent of the breach.
    • Captcha Implementation : Captcha protection was promptly added to all login screens to thwart automated attacks.
    • Admin URL Change : To further fortify the websites, we changed the admin URL to obscure its accessibility.
    • File Permission Overhaul : We reviewed and adjusted file permissions to restrict unauthorized access to critical files and directories.
    • Limit Login Attempts : A limit was imposed on the number of login attempts. After three unsuccessful tries, users were automatically blocked, protecting against brute force attacks.

In this race against time, our team worked tirelessly, applying these security measures across all 42 websites, effectively eradicating the malware and reinforcing defenses.

Outcome :

Thanks to our swift and systematic approach, we successfully restored the client’s 42 compromised websites within the 72-hour window. This not only saved the client’s online presence but also fortified their web assets against potential future attacks.

This case serves as a testament to the effectiveness of rapid response and comprehensive security measures when it comes to mitigating the impact of hacking incidents.