Types of Business Leads

Basically, there are 3 types of Leads – – Dead Leads – Cold Leads – Hot Leads Dead Leads – Lets us assume that we have started our companion on different platforms like Google, Facebook, etc. and at the initial stage our campaigns do not engage users, this will chunk your sales pipeline.  What the reason Read More…

Case Study – Logistic Platform for Trucking Company

Case Study – Logistic Platform for Trucking Company Overview Our client, one of the oldest and largest US-based Trucking Company, offers a broad range of retail and commercial transportation services to individuals, small businesses, middle-market companies, large corporations and institutions, there mainly collabration is with Amazon logistics RND experts is one of the top IT Read More…

RND Experts Are Making a Name for Themselves in Indian PHP Development Circles

Digital development can take on a lot of forms. Vendors usually specialize in different languages and tools in order to cater to their respective audiences. In this way, no two development agencies are exactly alike. This situation makes it confusing for anyone outside the industry to decide which agency best fits their needs. This is Read More…

2D Platform for online exhibitions

The 2D Virtual Event Platform allows you to plan and host interactive online events for an infinite number of participants and exhibitors. Virtual platforms combine high-speed processor simulators and high-level, fully functional models of hardware building blocks to give software developers and system architects with an abstract, executable representation of the hardware. The pandemic has Read More…

Web 3.0

Web 3.0:Web 3.0 is an invented by talented people using Web 2.0 technologies as a supporting platform for the creation of high-quality content and services. It refers to a specific technology that the Semantic Web must be able to create. The main purpose/objective for Web 3.0 is to develop more intelligent, connected, and open websites. Read More…

Finding post basded on post meta value in WP_Query

Rencently I was working on a Custom Post Type plugin under the banner of RND Experts, where the user will enter name of the city and the field will get saved in the wp_post_meta table.

How to change the footer in your wordpress admin panel

Please copy and paste this code in your theme function.php file –

function remove_footer_admin () {
echo ‘Fueled by WordPress | Designed by XYZ | WordPress Tutorials: WPBeginner
‘; }

How to add arrow icon in submenu

How to add arrow icon in submenu –

Please copy following code and paste your css file –

.nav-menu .sub-menu li.menu-item-has-children a {
background:url(images/nav_bg.png) 97% center no-repeat;

Disable banner ads from Skype for Windows

Before the many updates to Skype post-Microsoft acquisition, simply disabling the promotions options in settings was enough to rid your conversations of unnecessary spam.

Some amazing facts about digital marketing that you need to know

Google updated their algorithm that are followed by every digital marketing expert. Some facts about digital marketing or you can say some unbelievable techniques that can rank your business on Google’ top positions.