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Architect and Interior

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Architects and Interior Design

Established in India in 2017, RND Experts stands firm with its years of architectural and master planning experience in a broad range of buildings like residential and Commercial Spaces. With the use of technology and the hand of creativity, RND Experts has been redefining the departments of Urban Design and Renewal, architectural planning, and feasibility studies. Our skills and expertise in 360-degree architectural planning are backed by our practical experience in the field. With a team led by the innovative and skilled architect, designer, and planner Ar. NISHA SHARMA, RND Experts believes in providing tailored architectural solutions for every individual and team.

Architecture can be defined as the set of components, their interconnection, and the relationships between them. these components are organized in a way to fulfill a specific purpose. With ample creativity and possibilities, the architecture is what allows a user to design their own environment.

We successfully ran comprehensive Built-form studies and Feasibility studies, and have also worked on Concept and Schematic Design along with major Design Development that includes landscape and spatial designs.

Along with that, we have also done some supporting services like procurement, and value engineering. With the help of our detailed analysis and design process, we have delivered design outputs of a very high standard and to our client’s satisfaction.

Our Services

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